Monday, September 8, 2014

Donut Bar

Getting up early is never fun in my opinion but when it means doughnuts I can make it happen. Its a socially exceptable way to eat cake for breakfast! Where we live there is a doughnut shop on almost every corner but we found a special one. Like a more grown up Voodoo doughnut without the rain of Portland the Donut Bar was a great find. 

Hidden in a maze of carpet and mattress warehouses the Donut Bar is a hidden gem. Its rather an odd place for a doughnut shop and I think it would do even better in another location. Not that they don't do well already. If you buy the last doughnut you get the honor of writing sold out on the chalk board. Signaling all the other doughnut lovers to go home empty handed. One day I will get to do that.

Donut Bar makes many different kinds of donuts from their famous French Toast Donut, French Crullers with whipped Nutella filling or a Samoa Donut. It could be a little hard to keep up with but they make it easy by posting the following days menu on their Instagram page. 

My Favorite so far has been the blood orange donut but the peaches and cream is a close second. Sean tried one of Donut Bars doughnuts that takes the longest to make. Their Cro Bar is Donut Bars own version of the Cro Nut. A flakey and buttery doughnut that is covered in sugar. This doughnut is a must when you visit Donut Bar. With so many to try you will have to some back a few times. 

Don't worry about drinks either, Donut Bar serves Portland Stumptown coffee along with a variety of others. The thing that made the child in me very happy was the on tap chocolate and strawberry milk. If you are a child at hart with an actual child the Donut Bar has free themed doughnuts that they hand out to the kids. 

With there two location one in San Diego and the other in Fountain Valley this is not a place to miss. But get there early so you don't miss a chance to try a Strawberry split donut! Kid friendy with on tap milk and giant chalk wall. Adult friendly with, well doughnuts (who doesn't like doughnuts?)

Daisy- 4 out of 5 Cro Bars
Oak- 4 out of 5 Cro Bars

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