Monday, September 8, 2014

Donut Bar

Getting up early is never fun in my opinion but when it means doughnuts I can make it happen. Its a socially exceptable way to eat cake for breakfast! Where we live there is a doughnut shop on almost every corner but we found a special one. Like a more grown up Voodoo doughnut without the rain of Portland the Donut Bar was a great find. 

Hidden in a maze of carpet and mattress warehouses the Donut Bar is a hidden gem. Its rather an odd place for a doughnut shop and I think it would do even better in another location. Not that they don't do well already. If you buy the last doughnut you get the honor of writing sold out on the chalk board. Signaling all the other doughnut lovers to go home empty handed. One day I will get to do that.

Donut Bar makes many different kinds of donuts from their famous French Toast Donut, French Crullers with whipped Nutella filling or a Samoa Donut. It could be a little hard to keep up with but they make it easy by posting the following days menu on their Instagram page. 

My Favorite so far has been the blood orange donut but the peaches and cream is a close second. Sean tried one of Donut Bars doughnuts that takes the longest to make. Their Cro Bar is Donut Bars own version of the Cro Nut. A flakey and buttery doughnut that is covered in sugar. This doughnut is a must when you visit Donut Bar. With so many to try you will have to some back a few times. 

Don't worry about drinks either, Donut Bar serves Portland Stumptown coffee along with a variety of others. The thing that made the child in me very happy was the on tap chocolate and strawberry milk. If you are a child at hart with an actual child the Donut Bar has free themed doughnuts that they hand out to the kids. 

With there two location one in San Diego and the other in Fountain Valley this is not a place to miss. But get there early so you don't miss a chance to try a Strawberry split donut! Kid friendy with on tap milk and giant chalk wall. Adult friendly with, well doughnuts (who doesn't like doughnuts?)

Daisy- 4 out of 5 Cro Bars
Oak- 4 out of 5 Cro Bars

Monday, July 21, 2014


On a hot day there is nothing better than a popsicle. That is as long as you don't have to wait in a giant line to get it. The kids who used to run after the ice cream truck are now waiting in like at Popbar. At The Packing House the line for Popbar can take up to twenty minutes so time your visit carefully. When we visited the other day there was no line at all but other days the line has snaked around far past the Popbar. If you can get there at a time when you don't have to sell your soul from a sweet treat i would say step on up to Pobar. 

 From the long line I was expecting something out of this world but all in all it was like other Popsicle places iv been to in the area. Although Popbar does have an extra something. for the Price of  over $3 a pop you better get a little something extra. After choosing from the many flavors you choose a chocolate. But thats not all, you chooses how much chocolate you want on your pop. Then a topping. I was starting to see why the line stretched so far. 

I picked a Grapefruit bar with a drizzle of dark chocolate. The grapefruit was nice and bitter and so was the chocolate. A good treat but nothing to write home about. I can see all the choices being a problem for those with children and the price is a little up there. I think the Popbar may have been a one time treat for me. Id much rather go for a Nutella crepe that can be found just down the stairs from the Popbar. More for your money and sooooo yummy.

 Ratings are in......
Daisy- 2 out of 5 popsicle sticks

Orange County Fair

If you like cute animals and food this is the video for you....

Umami Burger

-A Japanese word meaning a savory pleasant taste. 

Umami Burger definitely held up to its name. Im not much of a meat eater but the burger I had here was amazing! Not only is there food a step above most other burger places you will find in the area but the interior is fun an eclectic. Umami Burger is another one of the many places to eat at The Packing house. It is across the lawn from the main warehouse threw a covered path next to people playing pingpong and a garden growing organic veggies. Inside old license plates hang above a long bar and almost every seat is a window seat. The staff was welcoming and very knowledgeable. This place defiantly doesn't miss a single detail, they even hand stamp their place mates. The menu isn't long and overwhelming like some other places and each restaurant has a house special burger (Rabbit was the one at this place) :/ 

For someone who loves to dip my food Umami Burger did not let me down. Their Ketchup is unlike any I have ever had. You can taste the savory (Umami) flavor of the tomato in every bite. Three other sauces came with our order of Truffle fries ( yes, truffle fries) It might just have been that my taste buds weren't used to the rich flavor of the truffle cheese but it was a bit much for me. Even with my noob taste buds questioning this new flavor I ate them up.


Next up was the piece de resistance the burgers....... They did not disappoint. Umami grinds up their meat in house and adds their secret yummy magic into ever hand crafter burger. From their house burger to a truffle cheese burger there is something for everyone. For those of you like me who don't eat red meat they have a Turkey burger or even a veggie burger. I picked The Green Bird, a turkey patty with avocado, green cheese, green goddess and whatever else they put in that made it taste like heaven. 

Sean picked The Manly Burger served poutine style. His meal towered over mine with its beef patty, bacon and onion string topping and nest made of fries and gravy. The burgers didn't last long because they were enjoyed down to every last bite. My burger was full of flavor, some that I couldn't pinpoint. We both agreed that the bacon on Sean's burger might have been the best bacon ever. It was the perfect amount of fat and smoke. 

At the end of our meal we were given a pog with the Umami emblem on it and told to put it in a jar to rate out experience. If there had been a "Best Burger I have Ever Had" jar I would have put it in that jar. Going in I was afraid it was going to be another blown up kitchy burger place but I was pleasantly surprised. We will definitely be coming back to Umami Burger, especially because I have to try their fried pickles. For the blog of course... All in all if you live in Anaheim or have an Umami located near you, go in and take a bite. You will not be disappointed! 

Ratings are in.....
Oak- 5 out of 5 Burgers
Daisy- 5 out of 5 Burgers

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Packing District

     Sunkist made its home in Anaheim California in 1919, growing and shipping out delicious citrus fruits all over the country. The Sunkist packing house has sat abandoned until a few years ago when the idea came to give it life again. It is now the home of some amazing places to eat, drink and just hang out.

      The exterior spanish style building opens up into a wonderland of craft beers and air plants. While keeping the beautiful architecture of the building exposed the designers made a cozy and inviting environment that all ages can enjoy. Indoor swings add a touch of whimsy. Along with the many many air plants that are eco-friendly with there very little water consumption. They did an amazing job of bringing a beautiful building with lots of history was brought back to life.

     Don't let the beautiful scenery distract you from all the amazing things to eat. There is no way we could try them all in one day so we will have to some back. (which is not an issue) The Packing house is home to twenty different and unique places to eat and drink. We made the difficult decision of where to eat and ended up at Rolling boil. If you want to relax this might not be the place for you because it is a cook your own meal type of environment. You choose from three soup bases, a protein and two of three sauces. Having just opened we were limited as to what we could choose as for meats. I picked the veggie broth and extra veggies while Sean had the thin sliced beef. The veggie broth was very tasty and the amount of veggies I received was perfect. And the rice is Endless!!

For having just opened Rolling Boil did not disappoint and I think it will only get better over time. Not great if you have small children but a great date place.

Oak and Daisy score-  3.5 out of 5 hot pots


       Being the coffee lover, Sean had to try something from Cafecito Organico. You can choose to sit at the bar or take your cup to go. With their wide range of organic, sustainably grown, free triad coffees Cafecito brews a cup of coffee that not only tastes and looks amazing but that is good for the planet. The talented young barista put together a cappuccino that was the perfect ratio of cream to coffee.

Cafecito Organico is a great change from your daily star buck routine. Whether you sit and sip at the bar or take it to go Cafecito is a win.

Oak and Daisy score- 4 out of 5 coffee beans

       The Packing District has brought new life to Down town Anaheim and will be some place that we will keep coming back to. In all if you are in the ares this is not a place to miss. On the side of price it can be a little high but for a night out or a small lunch it is perfect. Don't let the parking scare you because its not perfect but once you get inside it is most definitely worth it. After all the stalls open and all the bugs are worked out I can only see it becoming more and more popular.

                                                                              -Oak and Daisy

Monday, June 30, 2014

Who are Oak and Daisy?

He's Oak and Im Daisy. Well not really.... Im Chelsea and he's Sean but like an Oak to a daisy he towers over me. With the stature of a daisy I'm 5 foot 4 and thats quite the site compared to his 6 foot 6 stance. Although we can't see eye to eye without the aid of a small box or some high heels the thing we do see eye to eye on is our love for adventure. Trying new foods and going new places can be scary on your own but when you are with your best friend you can just sit back and enjoy the ride. Join us on our little adventures of food and fun.
                                                                                          -Oak and Daisy