Monday, July 21, 2014

Umami Burger

-A Japanese word meaning a savory pleasant taste. 

Umami Burger definitely held up to its name. Im not much of a meat eater but the burger I had here was amazing! Not only is there food a step above most other burger places you will find in the area but the interior is fun an eclectic. Umami Burger is another one of the many places to eat at The Packing house. It is across the lawn from the main warehouse threw a covered path next to people playing pingpong and a garden growing organic veggies. Inside old license plates hang above a long bar and almost every seat is a window seat. The staff was welcoming and very knowledgeable. This place defiantly doesn't miss a single detail, they even hand stamp their place mates. The menu isn't long and overwhelming like some other places and each restaurant has a house special burger (Rabbit was the one at this place) :/ 

For someone who loves to dip my food Umami Burger did not let me down. Their Ketchup is unlike any I have ever had. You can taste the savory (Umami) flavor of the tomato in every bite. Three other sauces came with our order of Truffle fries ( yes, truffle fries) It might just have been that my taste buds weren't used to the rich flavor of the truffle cheese but it was a bit much for me. Even with my noob taste buds questioning this new flavor I ate them up.


Next up was the piece de resistance the burgers....... They did not disappoint. Umami grinds up their meat in house and adds their secret yummy magic into ever hand crafter burger. From their house burger to a truffle cheese burger there is something for everyone. For those of you like me who don't eat red meat they have a Turkey burger or even a veggie burger. I picked The Green Bird, a turkey patty with avocado, green cheese, green goddess and whatever else they put in that made it taste like heaven. 

Sean picked The Manly Burger served poutine style. His meal towered over mine with its beef patty, bacon and onion string topping and nest made of fries and gravy. The burgers didn't last long because they were enjoyed down to every last bite. My burger was full of flavor, some that I couldn't pinpoint. We both agreed that the bacon on Sean's burger might have been the best bacon ever. It was the perfect amount of fat and smoke. 

At the end of our meal we were given a pog with the Umami emblem on it and told to put it in a jar to rate out experience. If there had been a "Best Burger I have Ever Had" jar I would have put it in that jar. Going in I was afraid it was going to be another blown up kitchy burger place but I was pleasantly surprised. We will definitely be coming back to Umami Burger, especially because I have to try their fried pickles. For the blog of course... All in all if you live in Anaheim or have an Umami located near you, go in and take a bite. You will not be disappointed! 

Ratings are in.....
Oak- 5 out of 5 Burgers
Daisy- 5 out of 5 Burgers

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