Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Packing District

     Sunkist made its home in Anaheim California in 1919, growing and shipping out delicious citrus fruits all over the country. The Sunkist packing house has sat abandoned until a few years ago when the idea came to give it life again. It is now the home of some amazing places to eat, drink and just hang out.

      The exterior spanish style building opens up into a wonderland of craft beers and air plants. While keeping the beautiful architecture of the building exposed the designers made a cozy and inviting environment that all ages can enjoy. Indoor swings add a touch of whimsy. Along with the many many air plants that are eco-friendly with there very little water consumption. They did an amazing job of bringing a beautiful building with lots of history was brought back to life.

     Don't let the beautiful scenery distract you from all the amazing things to eat. There is no way we could try them all in one day so we will have to some back. (which is not an issue) The Packing house is home to twenty different and unique places to eat and drink. We made the difficult decision of where to eat and ended up at Rolling boil. If you want to relax this might not be the place for you because it is a cook your own meal type of environment. You choose from three soup bases, a protein and two of three sauces. Having just opened we were limited as to what we could choose as for meats. I picked the veggie broth and extra veggies while Sean had the thin sliced beef. The veggie broth was very tasty and the amount of veggies I received was perfect. And the rice is Endless!!

For having just opened Rolling Boil did not disappoint and I think it will only get better over time. Not great if you have small children but a great date place.

Oak and Daisy score-  3.5 out of 5 hot pots


       Being the coffee lover, Sean had to try something from Cafecito Organico. You can choose to sit at the bar or take your cup to go. With their wide range of organic, sustainably grown, free triad coffees Cafecito brews a cup of coffee that not only tastes and looks amazing but that is good for the planet. The talented young barista put together a cappuccino that was the perfect ratio of cream to coffee.

Cafecito Organico is a great change from your daily star buck routine. Whether you sit and sip at the bar or take it to go Cafecito is a win.

Oak and Daisy score- 4 out of 5 coffee beans

       The Packing District has brought new life to Down town Anaheim and will be some place that we will keep coming back to. In all if you are in the ares this is not a place to miss. On the side of price it can be a little high but for a night out or a small lunch it is perfect. Don't let the parking scare you because its not perfect but once you get inside it is most definitely worth it. After all the stalls open and all the bugs are worked out I can only see it becoming more and more popular.

                                                                              -Oak and Daisy

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  1. Rolling Boil was awesome, get the shrimp with spicy broth. Be ready for lot's of water to cool down.